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Jeffrey Del Carpio​  - HEAD CHEF


Jeffrey Del Carpio, born and raised in Peru, food and music lover, is the mastermind behind the kitchen. He had originally enrolled at college in engineering; however, his devotion and natural talent for cooking gained over mathematical methods. He switched machines and operations for pans and knives. 


From an early age, he developed interest in the kitchen. He could prepare a great soup using his grandmother's pot or use the pot as a drum to mix some beats. 

In his early teenage years, he was part of a musical band. After graduating culinary school, he worked for one of the best restaurants in Lima. Moreover, he has worked for great restaurants in Washington D.C.  He was the head chef of Ocopa restaurant, a former restaurant in D.C,  among the 104 best restaurants of the Michelin guide. 

The chef is highly demanding when it comes to his kitchen. His passion for music and the Peruvian cuisine comes alive here, at Mazzato.